Exchange office Ouistreham

Exchange office Ouistreham

Welcome to Caen and Ouistreham Change Offices in Normandy.

Tel: 33(0)2 31 30 18 87.

We are available for all transactions.

Office in Caen

Office in Ouistreham

picture of car in England
To buy a car or a motorcycle in England, it is better to pay in Pounds Sterling (£).
We give you the opportunity to leave with bills or bank checks in £.
Sales of spare parts are organized in England, negotiation is easier for those who have already changed their money in Rouen, Rennes and Le Havre.

Deux pièces d'or et un lingot d'or

To sell gold or buy gold, coins or bullion now you can visit our offices, the expertise is free and an estimate will be provided on request.

To invest in gold you can order from our advisors who will inform you about new regulations concerning precious metals. Delivery time 3 to 4 days.
Or sell your gold ? What price for your coins ?
What taxes do I pay ?

We answer your questions Monday to Saturday.

Diverse bills

Bank bills

Looking for an exchange office in Normandy, in Calvados or in La Manche ?
For your purchases and sales of foreign currency, gold or silver coins and ingots, contact us or come into our office in Caen or Ouistreham.
For opening hours, access map and phone numbers, click the following links:
Caen Offices
Ouistreham Offices